Dermacos Dermapure Facial - Part 2

Dermacos Dermapur Facial
Hey guys I am back with Part 2 of Dermaco Dermpure Facial. If you want to read Dermacos Dermapure Facial Part 1 you can find here

Dermacos Dermapure Dust – Free Facial Blond Brightener

Dermacos Dermapure Dust Free Facial Blond Brightener
Brightening, Conditioning, Moisturizing, Non-irritant, Purifying. It is basically a dust for skin polishing. It
is such an amazing product. If you are into skin polishing you will love it.

How to Apply: Pour dust free facial blond brightener powder into a non metallic bowl with Facial Blond Activator Peroxide at the ratio 1:2 and stir into rich creamy texture. Add additional developer if needed. Apply to desire areas and leave till 10 to 15 minutes or desire result time.

It works extra fast lightening, extra moisturizing formula. Lets you create lustrous highlights and special. Effects in no Tim at all. Takes blondes to paler than pale. Reveals up redhead brightens-up brunettes. Dust free, denser powder minimizes fluff @ fly away to makes your applications neater and cleaner. Contain a moisture sealing humectants to start every application with easy mixing and a creamy smooth Consistency that stays. It is perfect for longer brightening and even skin tone. Their effect stays with more Than 15 days. It is extremely gentle on skin. It is effective to lift past skin discoloration. It is also ammonia Free formula and repair damage skin. It is 100% botanical But you always need the quantity the same If you changed it result can be different.

Dermacos Dermapur Harmless Facial Blond Activator 

Derma Cos Dermapure Harmless Facial Blond Activator
Shielded, Effective, Strengthening, Conditioning, Purifying. It is use for skin polishing like developer.

How to Use: It is same as Dermapure dust free. Pour dust free facial blond brightener powder into a non metallic bowl with Facial Blond Activator Peroxide at the ratio 1:2 and stir into rich creamy texture. Facial blond activator with shield factor adds to high condition and shine finish. Suitable for all degree of Blonding add additional developer if needed. Apply to desire areas and leave till 10 to 15 minutes or desire result time.

It is a gentle blond activator formulated with Squalane a moisture binding component that works will all skin type. It is extremely gentle on skin. It repair damage skin during process, with quick lightening effect. Its wheat protein for silky smooth results. Don't use on wounded or porn skin. Always wash your hands before use. If its causing irritation stop use.

Dermacos Dermapur Polishing Oxygen Skin Gloss
Dermacos Dermapure Polishing Oxygen Skin Gloss
Revitalize, Energizing, Smooths, Oxygenate. I found this product not so effective maybe i did not use it much because it has scent in horrible quantity. That is too strong which is unbearable sometime for me. So remove that when I feel enough.
How to use: Use daily pour small amount of Oxygen skin gloss into palm of hand and massage gently to damp skin and leave it to dry .Then wash with normal water.

It is suitable to all type of skin, but if you allergic to fragrance then don’t buy it will be wastage. It contains Oxylastil (Oxylastil is an active principle created for tired and uneven toned skin: it reduces irregularities and dryness and effectively fights wrinkles and face lines.), a new biotechnology derived agent, which stimulate call turnover and repair and restructure the skin. Oxylastil is a known oxygen carrier and it provides essential energy to the skin cells and excellent anti-bacteria properties. It removes loxins, and reduces dryness. It leaves skin radiant & glowing. It also improves skin textures, minimize large pores and improve blond circulation. Like me if you cannot use this replace it with some other oxygen skin glow.

Dermacos Dermapure Clarifying Facial Wash

Dermacos Dermapure Clarifying Facial Wash
Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Septic, Soap free, foaming and refreshing 

How to Use: Pour little amount in the palm and massage on wet face twice a day. For sensitive skin type
dilute with water the first week of usage. Rinse thoroughly with normal water. I use this after using my massage creams. But before applying Oxygen skin gloss. 

It still gentle foam on the skin giving you that squeaky clean feelings but wont over dry or irritate the skin. In fact the organic extract left the skin smooth and soft. Battles bacteria and irritation also great to restore natural pH balance and skin firmness. It deep down pore cleans the skin. It doesn't over dry the skin. It restores natural pH balance, helps reducing dark spots and prevent acne growth.

  • If you are looking for home facial 
  • If you find these useful for you
  • If you are looking foe inexpensive home facial 

  • If you think it is not useful because you are lazy enough to do facial yourself
  • If you have very dry skin
  • If you have damage or wounded skin

Pricing Packaging Longevity Availability Application Recommendation
5/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 5/5 4.5/5

I got all these from a local store in total RS.2200/-  So Each jar or bottle cost can be RS.200/-

I can quit Polishing skin gloss only all other things very good to me. I cannot say these are perfect for facial but we can  find these good. if I use them as per direction.


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    1. Thank you so much :) it is really honor

  3. I really need to pay more attention to my skin... these seem very good!

    1. why not Dear.. this is the most important thing that we always neglect

  4. good review.I was looking for products with which i can do facial at home.these sound pretty good.

    1. I am happy when you needed i was there :)

  5. can u give me the method of refining enzymatic mask...?of this product

    1. enzymatic mask is the mask to balance the PH of your skin. It is basically to reduce redness or any itching on your skin. Like after bleaching or skin polishing you can use this it will sooth your skin. and will cool it down.

  6. you reviewed them soo well .. does this facial blond activater do something for hair growth???
    Nida's Beauty Bag

  7. hey are these products all available in sargodha city

    1. yes these products are available in sgd...u can buy them from punjab general store...or any other store of 4 block..

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